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Platinum Angelfish

Platinum angelfish are typically bright white fish, and as this photo shows often have a hint of blue in the anal and dorsal fins. Platinum results from the combination of two recessive genes in homozygous condition. Specifically "New Gold" (g) & Philippine Blue (pb). This is written as g/g pb/pb. There has been some debate about the exact nature of philippine blue angels, and the validity of the philippine blue gene. However, as a result of the hard work of renowned angelfish breeder Ken Kennedy, the existence of the pb gene is now widely accepted. Further more Ken has shown that in combination with genes other than gold, the philippine blue gene can produce a number of spectacular blue varieties. These include Pinoy, Paraiba and various blue angelfish.

At the start of this year (2010) we were lucky enough to obtain some of Ken's fish, and we are already working to produce some of these spectacular new varieties here in the UK.