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Paraiba Sunset Angelfish

This is a really difficult fish to capture the full beauty in a photograph. The term paraiba is applied to any blushing fish that is also homozygous for the philippine blue gene. Whilst Sunset is a name applied to Gold blushing angelfish. Gold angels that also have two philippine blue genes are called platinums so these fish might also be called platinum blushing or platinum paraibas.
Paraiba sunsets have a body colour which can tend between white and a delicate peach. there may also be hints of orange, especially around the head and snout. In common with other paraiba angelfish their irridescent patches can shine a bright blue colour, but at other angles can look white or even pink.
In the photo above the sunset paraiba in the foreground has a normal sunset (gold blushing) sibling behind it, whilst the blue colouration on the normal paraiba in the bottom left of the photo is typical of the colouration that can also be seen in sunset paraibas.

Genetically a sunset paraiba is written as g/g - S/S - pb/pb.