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Black Lace Angelfish

Black lace was one of the earliest domestic varieties of angelfish. Black lace angels have the normal vertical banding of silver or wild type fish, but instead of a silver background the body colour is darker, it can vary between brown and grey sometimes with blueish hints. The black colouration is caused by a single dose (heterozygous) of the "Dark" gene. A double dose produces a very dark black angelfish (sometimes refered to as DD Black).

DD Black angels do not seem as hardy as wild type fish, and even black lace angels can be more difficult. One possible reason for this is that black angels require more protein, as considerable amounts are used in the production of the melanin that causes their black colouration. Feeding high quality foods, and ensuring optimum water quality are key to keeping black, and black lace angels healthy.

Another popular lace angel is the zebra lace which combines a zebra gene with a single dose of the dark gene.