Helios Fish Hatchery was established late in 2007. Run as a hobby rather than as a large scale commercial operation, our aim is to produce quality rather than quantity.

At present we specialise in angelfish, producing a large number of different varieties (although not all at the same time).
Angelfish are cichlids, and like all cichlids, they can exhibit fascinating parental behavior. Sadly angelfish have a reputation as poor parents, a reputation that we feel is undeserved. Most commercial hatcheries 'pull' the eggs from the parents and hatch them artificially, this approach can produce huge numbers of babies from relatively few parent fish for two reasons. Firstly, having 'lost' their first batch of eggs, the parent fish will try again, usually within about 10 days to a fortnight. Since each batch could consist of as many as 1000 eggs, the breeder can produce huge numbers of fry very rapidly. Secondly, by treating the eggs with anti-fungal chemicals and avoiding any accidental parental predation, a greater number of fry can be successfully raised. Sadly this approach, whilst producing large numbers of fish, also produces fish with no experience of parental care, and might even inadvertently breed out the parenting instinct.

We prefer a more natural approach, and we allow the parents to care for their eggs and young for upto four weeks. So far we have not had to resort to artificial methods, but have on a couple occasions removed one or other of the parents, to prevent an over protective male from harming the female.

In the event that we do have to resort to artificial hatching for a particularly difficult, valuable or rare variety, this will be made clear when the fish are sold.

Our fish are also raised in aquariums with plants and gravel, rather than the more clinical bare tanks that most hatcheries employ. We feel the more natural surroundings help the parents feel more relaxed, and relaxed fish are more likely to parent raise.

At present we do not supply direct to the public, instead our fish are supplied to The Aquatic Habitat, Brockworth, Gloucester. Please contact them directly for details of their current stock holding.